Greenhouse & Horticulture Lighting Design Specialist

Why work with a plant grow lighting specialist?

Artificial plant lighting is a major investment. Grow lights are the most expensive ingredient in your Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) system. They can also be the most confusing.

As an independent grow lighting consultant, I work for you. There’s no fat sales commission coming my way based on how many grow lights you buy. There’s no quota for the sales quarter.

I help you get the grow lighting you need based on your budget, production requirements, and expected return on investment (ROI).

  • Plan ahead

    Grow Light Preparation & Planning

    • Assessing grow lighting requirements for chosen cultivars
    • Plan for ROI
    • Work with architects and electricians to ensure plant lighting needs are met
    • Review peripheral requirements of the chosen horticulture lighting system
    • Advise on energy and cost savings
    • 3D light mapping to simulate and confirm plant lighting requirements
  • Protect your ROI

    Protect Your Grow Lighting Investment

    • Review technical specs of proposed plant growth lighting systems
    • ensure the integrity of the original specification
    • Work with architects and electricians to ensure plant lighting needs are met
    • Advise on integration of lighting systems with the environmental controls
    • Review system integrity and scaleability (Futureproof?)
    • Short and long term expectations review
  • On target

    Changes & Final Installation of Your Grow Light System

    • Project walkthrough to observe any deviations from the design
    • Adjusting the lighting design to meet architectural design changes
    • Verification of luminaires placement to match required PPFD and DLI
    • Coordination of programming for environmental controllers or adjustable spectrum luminaires
  • Troubleshooting services

    Grow Light Optimization & Troubleshooting

    • Lighting systems integrity verification
    • Crop lighting inspection and evaluation
    • Determine grow lighting optimization opportunities

Greenhouse and Horticulture Plant Lighting

Horticulture lighting design is a technical art that involves many fields of knowledge and experience. An understanding of controlled environment agriculture and the effects of artificial lighting is just the beginning.

Product capabilities, budget, profitability, scalability, chosen cultivars, employee health, plant health, medium, cultivation method, and more must be considered.

All beyond the experience of the average lighting sales rep.

By working with the Horticulture Lighting Specialist at Cannawerx, you get the technical expertise and experience to achieve the best plant lighting solution for your greenhouse or CEA project.

About CannaWerx

CannaWerx Consulting is filling the service gaps of a young and "Growing" industry.

We offer commercial grow lighting design services that help ensure your success and a quick ROI.